Invitation to the 10th World Congress of Biodanza

“Encountering the Essential”
To be held in July 2017 from the 20th to the 23rd. Chile, Viña del Mar.

Fernanda Morixe
Fernanda Morixe


Rolando Toro Acuña


Dear friends,
It is with the greatest joy that we invite you to the Xth World Congress of Biodanza “Encountering the Essential”

My father, Rolando Toro, who created Biodanza, taught us to connect to the essential, he also taught us to dance, he invited us to make circle dances of life and by doing so he showed us the world he created.  The great universal ceremony that celebrates life.   In Biodanza congresses people go through the world uniquely to gather and then hug.  He pulled us from our homes into the world and gave us the world which finally became our home.  Our family then grew larger of what we could have ever imagined.  Our brothers talk sometimes another language but they are still family.  Our pilgrimage is neither to far away places nor to sacred places, our pilgrimage is to our brother’s hearts, our sacred places are in the arms of our friends.  Our encounters are in gigantic dance circles of life loving human beings who are strongly against any kind of discrimination in a planet where there is a growing number of walls built to segregate and separate human beings, in a planet where people have to run away to survive in other countries where once arrived they are treated as criminals.  It is in this world that we need to become aware that life is sacred, it is in this world that life is the essential.
Our congress is then “Encountering the essential”
Life beyond any ideology.

We invite school directors, facilitators, students and sympathisers of the Biodanza community to be involved in this great event.


We embrace you all!

Rolando Toro Acuña: Honorary Director
Fernanda Morixe: Executive Director